Harshal Sawant

Passionate Storyteller, Author, Dreamer, Engineer, MBA HR
Passionate Storyteller, Author, Dreamer, Engineer, MBA HR

I am a Writer, Storyteller and Dreamer by passion. My qualifications include being an Engineer, Corporate Trainer, Communication Coach, Teacher Trainer and a Human Resource Professional. I love dreaming about life and its possibilities and absolutely adore imagining a lovely story. However, life had different plans and my first book turned out to be a real story. "The Other Half - A True Story" is a story that happened to me without imagining.Read More...


Flags of Friendship

Books by Harshal Sawant

This book is a result of all ht elife lessons I learned from different people. From best of friends to the diguised foes, this book covers all different tyoes. We always try to believe that a friend is for a lifetime but sometimes, life has its own ways to give you directions that make you realize the truth about them. Life gave me a chance to observe some people closely and out came all the different situations and circumstances that will make you aware about

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The Other Half

Books by Harshal Sawant

"The Other Half" describes the true story of my younger brother Kartik and his ups and downs in life. It describes my family's journey through three different medical facilities after an incident. It describes the efforts taken by the young doctors of our country, who, at a young age, are trained to professionally handle every situation in their perimeter and beyond. My intention is to throw light on some of the medical facilities in our country and the strugg

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The Horse River

By Harshal Sawant in Horror | Reads: 2,003 | Likes: 2

Up at the hour of the wolf, Ravi woke with a start. He was just too excited to visit the farms with his grandfather. Ravi’s grandparents had initially asked him to stay home for this set of farms; his mom could not understand the reason behind and deided to ask her own mother about it. “  Read More...

Published on Jun 16,2022 04:10 PM

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