Balambal Suryanarayanan

Amateur Creative Writer and Author
Amateur Creative Writer and Author

With Love, Elliot

By Balambal Suryanarayanan in Romance | Reads: 1,503 | Likes: 0

Hey sweetie pie. My fingers tremble over the words, slithering through the pain at things I discovered the following morning whilst in duty. Tears still rushing through my eyes, the affliction continues to mount underneath my chestnut hair. As I willed myself to begin my dreadful routine, my rushing  Read More...

Published on Jun 26,2022 03:37 PM

Back To You, Where I Truly Belong

By Balambal Suryanarayanan in Science Fiction | Reads: 2,555 | Likes: 1

He unfurls his paws to the front, leaning over the shades of white and wheat against December’s chilly floors furbelowed with marble. His brown irises stare into nothingness as his pebble like nose shaded regally tenebrous takes in the incense of love and loss. He curls himself to facsimile an  Read More...

Published on Jun 26,2022 02:47 PM

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