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Rev John Robert Thwaytes

John Thwaytes, born on 11th January 1931, is the second son of Lancelot Laurence Thwaytes and Grace Veronica Thwaytes (nee Caesar). After getting an Honors degree in History from St.Catherines, Oxford, he worked as an Assistant Manager in Binny & Co (Madras) Ltd for three years. Post his stint in India, he went back to complete his masters from the Ivey Business School. While undergoing the course he got a call from the Lord that was fairly close to what happened to St.Paul on the road to Damascus. His answer was “Yes”. Having dropped out after the first year with a D.B.A., he joined Maryglade Seminary at Memphis, Michigan, and slogged through a year of novitiate, a year of philosophy, and four years of theology. He was ordained priest in June 1965. In June 1966 he landed by air in Kolkata, and went up to North Bengal. Soon afterwards he was sent to Malbazar to become Headmaster/ Secretary of Bartolo Longo Junior High School, now named St.Bartholemews HS School. In 1973, he founded Boys Town and Caesar School about a quarter of a mile away from B.L.School (as it is widely known). He has been working at Boys Town and Caesar School ever since, and has prepared a site for his grave in the Chapel garden where he hopes , Deo volonte, to rest his weary bones in due course of time.


I think it was Lobsang Rampa who said that the littlest gods are the most powerful of all the gods. Perhaps by the end of this chapter you will understand why that is true. On the cover of this book I have given an artist's impression of what a typical little god looks like at its third stage when it is in the space/time universe and just about ready to hook up with a group of friends and form a particle of matter/energy. The tiny God Particle is the basic substance that creates and forms all types of matter/energy, and without it no matter/energy of any sort can exist. It originates as part of God the Father in pre-reality, where it is almost the same as a particle of thought, and it is constituted in inexhaustible trillions, held in reserve and fed into action by the Unqualified Absolute and the Deity Absolute from the Circle of Infinity in nether Paradise. Each of these particles is a carrier of the power and Will of God for the various roles of matter/energy in Creation. ...

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There are a vast number of superhuman persons in the spiritual realm, created perfect, but having free will like us, and , therefore, capable of turning towards evil. Among them were Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia, for example. They are not God, but, when they function perfectly in tandem with God, they may be referred to as God, or the Good Shepherd, as in Psalm 23. Signi_ cantly, the majority of them, the good ones, tell us that they first recognize the FACT of God by His River of inexhaustible energy. Meditating on this led me to put my thoughts down in this book, partly for my own spiritual good. But I am happy to share them. ...

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"I am a believer in the validity of "The Urantia Book" completed in 1934 at Chicago, and published in English in 1955. Basically it is the first volume of an encyclopedia about our planet Earth, written by angels and other celestial superhuman beings, and they tell us that it constitutes the fifth epochal revelation to our world from God. Their name for our world is Urantia. As a missionary priest, I am an evangelist by calling, and my purpose now is to popularize the message of the Urantia Book, which is vital for our further spiritual evolution towards an age of light and life, and a civilization far superior to what we now have. I have written only about what I feel are the most important messages in the Urantia Book, in order to arouse interest in it and encourage people to study it directly. It is available free online in pdf format at several well known websites. My book shows that God Himself is tolerant about your religion or belief system, so there is no reason why we should be intolerant." ...

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