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Aviral Pathak is a driven and ambitious young entrepreneur who has overcome challenges and setbacks to pursue his goals.
Aviral Pathak is a driven and ambitious young entrepreneur who has overcome challenges and setbacks to pursue his goals.

Aviral Pathak is a young entrepreneur who, due to a lack of friendships in his childhood, dedicated much of his time to reading and self-education. At the age of 15, he started his own small business, but unfortunately, it did not succeed. However, rather than letting this setback discourage him, Aviral used the experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. With renewed enthusiasm and determination, he now aspires to start his own company on a larger scale, much like Tata's. Despite facing challenges at a young age, Aviral's resilience and bounce-back attitude are truly inspiring. Through hiRead More...


Practical Life Skills for Students

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in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, the skills required
for success extend far beyond the classroom. While academic
achievement is certainly important, practical life skills are
essential for students to thrive in real-world situations. Whether they
are transitioning into adulthood or preparing for the workforce, students
need a comprehensive understanding of practical life skills to succeed
in their personal and profes

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Books by Aviral Pathak

This can help many youth out there, who are much more engaged and distracted and converging their energy towards unproductive stuffs! Worth reading

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Books by Aviral Pathak

What makes people successful, you may wonder? it can be said that they always need focus, personal discipline and the will to always make something great. One thing they have in common are good habits and daily rituals that they cultivate to improve their quality of life. Actually, old habits are hard to change, but if you learn and adapt to new habits they can positively improve your quality of life forever. Therefore, if you do an activity that is done repea

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Why You Can’t Pay Attention

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Is your mind wandering to countless thoughts when you’re bored? Do you feel as if you can’t aim your undivided attention toward a single task? Well, you’re not alone.

The Internet has brought many benefits, such as accessibility to every piece of information on the planet.

However, we’re using it the wrong way.

Instead of learning, creating, and sharing, we’re consuming, distracting, and chasing highs.

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STORY OF THE 4 WIVES There was a rich merchant who had 4 wives. He loved the 4th wife the most and adorned her with rich robes and treated her to delicacies. He took great care of her and gave her nothing but the best. He also loved the 3rd wife very much. He's very proud of her and always wanted   Read More...

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