Venkat Narayanan

Venkat Anantha Narayanan is a published writer in Tamil. His works have been published in various magazines, including the prestigious literary magazine 'Kanaiyazhi', under the names of Ve. Anantha Narayanan, Nandu and Texan. In addition to these stories, his published works include many poems and a few essays on American life.  He has lived in the USA for the last 40 years and has a day job as a computer professional. The author translated these stories to English himself and published the collection as a book recently. That book 'Yagnam and other stories' is also available on Amazon.   ThRead More...



Books by வெ. அனந்த நாராயணன்

'யக்ஞம்' குறுநாவல் பற்றி இலக்கியவாதி நகுலனின் பாராட்டு: (கணையாழி, ஜூலை 1984).

இந்த நாவல் பற்றி யாரும் குறிப்பிடாமல் இருந்து விடக்கூடாது, இது கவனத்துக்கு வரவேண்டிய நாவல் என்ப

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