Aditi Chakraborty

Brand Architect, Author & Keynote Speaker
Brand Architect, Author & Keynote Speaker

Aditi Chakraborty is a storyteller. Her journey of life, coupled with her passion for travel and meeting new people, has collectively shaped her thoughts that find expression in her writing. Her debut fiction, Dubai Heights, is a collection of four stories highlighting the dilemma of modern women. Aditi has worked in media, lifestyle and education industries across cities in India and abroad. She holds a degree from FORE School of Management and Nottingham Trent University. She loves reading, painting and volunteering for animal shelters.  Read More...


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Dubai Heights

Books by Aditi Chakraborty

Dubai Heights, a prominent building in downtown Dubai, is home to diverse nationalities. A sneak-peek into the lives of a few residents of this much sought-after address offers an insight into the complex web of unconventional relationships set in the transient city.

Simona, Lavanya, Elaina and Priyanka are contemporary women who experiment and explore the labyrinth of relationships with their partners to live their dreams. Are they achievers o

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Love's Baggage

By Aditi Chakraborty in Poetry | Reads: 48 | Likes: 0

The skeleton in my cupboard rattled and made a ghastly sound. Locks jammed and hinges rusting- guarding a treasure never to be found.   Of chocolate wrappers, cards, little hearts, and love letters with edges moth eaten, once pink, but slowly fading pale, a fluffy bunny now weather-beaten.   A boo  Read More...

Published on Feb 18,2021 12:53 PM

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