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Dr. Bhumija Dipti Panchal believes that fine art brings about the transformation in a person’s outlook by instilling a multi-dimensional approach and self-belief as she herself has witnessed it through her growth and evolution as an artist and in her works. Her holistic and dynamic approach gets reflected in her art and her willingness to contribute to society through creativity.   Her debut book with illustrative hand-painting depicts a fictional story about the current times and its growing issues. The multiple solutions highlight the openness to different opinions from different walks oRead More...

The Tiga Trusteers

Books by Bhumija Dipti Panchal

Friendship engraved with trust and responsibility ensures the well-being of all. 

A message is well-communicated through the medium of fiction in Dr. Bhumija Dipti Panchal's first book via beautiful, hand-painted illustrations. 

The Tiga Trusteers in the story ensures the well-being of their friends with the idea of ‘we are with you’. This trust encourages Manu and Eva to explore the world and gain more experience. This experience enables t

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