Manvendra Singh

Manvendra Singh was born on 12 February 1996. He grew up in the Indragarh town of Datia district in  Madhya Pradesh. He started his primary education at  Holy Cross School in Andhergarh and completed his schooling from RLPS School in Datia from ICSE and then he came to Indore for further studies. After getting married to Rija, he started writing books. He is currently working  on his blog website [link removed] in Indore. You can contact them by email  on Read More...


रीज़ा / REEZA

Books by

From the title Riza - Arrange Love, you would have the curiosity to know about arrange love, what it can be. You have heard about the arrange marriage but what will be the arrange love. After reading the story, you will find that this is a perfect arranged love story, which started from high school, goes on to college life and then moves ahead.

When a friend of the writer comes to know that he is writing a story, then he said to the writer that

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