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Misha H Dhorda

A corporate dropout by choice, Misha Dhorda has worked in globally renowned organizations like IBM, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank and Accenture for more than fifteen years. Starting at the grassroots level, she moved up the ranks handling leadership roles that were not only pan-India in profile but also across six other countries as well. Her first multi-geographical exposure was at Chase Bank as it involved interacting with teams from the United States and the Philippines. Misha’s first leadership role was at Accenture at the age of 27 years, handling teams of professionals far older and more expeRead More...

Trainer, Leader, Coach

Books by Misha H Dhorda

What is great Leadership? Is it different from what it was five, ten or even twenty years ago? Or, is it the same?

Leadership today is almost like an urban legend. Most people have heard about it. Few have seen it in action. Great leadership today is almost like the Bermuda Triangle. Everyone recognizes it; very few know how it works. Leadership (of any kind), in fact, just like any beautiful, fulfilling, lifelong romance; is as simple or as complex as

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