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Mpho LM Mooketsi

Mpho published her first story, ‘Destructive Legacy’, in 1996 at the age of twenty-two. An avid reader of fiction, she has been writing for years. She had recently written ‘Once Upon an African Moon’, the prequel to ‘Once Upon an African Sun’, as well as ‘Spliced’, which was published as an e-book on Amazon. Born and raised in Botswana, Southern Africa, Mpho loves to travel and draws from her experiences in coming up with her stories. She studied Psychology in the United States of America and now lives in Botswana with her family.Read More...


Books by Mpho LM Mooketsi & Joseph Dzatsata

A deadly virus is stolen from a lab in Zimbabwe and hours later, bodies begin dropping in neighboring Botswana under very strange and unknown circumstances.

Garikai, a semi-retired Zimbabwean spy living in Gaborone, is roped in to track and retrieve the virus. It seems like it would be a straight forward proposition: track down a group of disgruntled scientists with a bone to chew against their government and take back what belongs to his country. Simpl

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Once Upon an African Sun

Books by Mpho LM Mooketsi

Lorato has never been a typical African princess. She asks too many questions and can never sit still for too long. She prefers to train with her father's army instead of carrying out the normal duties that the daughter of a chief would have to carry out.

Now, with the threat of war, she cannot sit by and wait for the enemy's army to come to her home. So she sets out on a quest to help her father, her people and the man she has come to see as more than

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