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P.N. Mohanty

Dr. P.N. Mohanty prides herself as the fortunate few who grew up in a state capital, Bhubaneswar, amid great dreams of some great visionaries of the country. The ambience had a significant impact on her impressionistic mind, and she always wanted to give back to her country and the countrymen whatever she could, in whichever mode she could. Her poems are only a depiction of her perceptions about the life around, in the times around. ‘Contemporariness’ is the central theme; perception lends it the signature hue.Read More...


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Whispering Bamboos

Books by P.N. Mohanty

On various occasions, in as many avenues of life, one feels stranded for the right words. Words are known to elude the lips at the right time. Afterthoughts are known to keep haunting the mind but sometimes words cascade down the mind in the form of a poem.

Whispering Bamboos looks at the universe through our and also the people around at this juncture of time and life.

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Books by P.N. Mohanty

I can hear the whisper now

That has chased me all these years:

“Here my girl, this way!”

And like a talisman,

It has guarded me all this while,

From the rough weather

To the wrong company

In the journey of life.

And in life after death,

Two things matter –

The road and the companio

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