Ram Joshi

Born and bought up in Mandvi, a small town of Gujarat, Ram Joshi has vivid childhood memories of hot and cold experiences, which played a crucial role to shape his thought process and the way he writes stories from a completely unique point of view.

Experienced and inspired, Ram believes that a good story helps to touch the human heart and change their lives in a better way.

When he is not around stories, and not watching the sun rise or sun set from his balcony, he likes to visit new places, and play with his son.

He is an IT graduate, currently living in the city of Vadodara with his family.

He is also working on his next enthralling and thought-provoking story.


The best way to connect with Ram is through his official Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/authorramjoshi/ 

And, his Twitter handle @ram_joshi 




Books by Ram Joshi

“Not everyone is meant to walk together, but true love always leads to the path of freedom and timeless bliss.”

Olivia, a traveler blog writer, left shaken when she returned back from her Europe trip.

Olivia’s mother, Meera claimed she lied all these years about the death of Olivia’s father, Rahil.

Dazed with all the new information Meera revealed, Olivia failed to distinguish if it was true or just an illusion of Meera’s ill mind - as doctors indicated the possibility that a person with Alzheimer’s might have hallucinations.

To find out the truth was as crucial for Olivia as for Meera’s treatment.

DeAttached – Two tales at the same point in time unfolds the story of a woman who failed in her relations, happiness in marriage that last long, eternal freedom of a man who never did fly out of his cage, and a journey to live a life of purpose.

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