Ravindra Sahu

An engineering graduate Ravindra Sahu, while going through tough times in his life,   his friends often give examples of patience and self-confidence. Their courage and practicality to live life becomes an example for others. According to them, always be simple and positive in life, and in difficult times, we must also learn to mould ourselves according to the circumstances and always be ready for a change in life. The same can be communicated by email on: sahurk23@rediffmail.comRead More...


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This is not just a book of poems, it is the truth written about real life and will touch your heart. Think of it as a line that is linked to your own life, and you feel like I have tied up with my pen to the vicissitudes of your memories. After reading my poem, you will find "Hey, these are my own memories" and will surely comprehend all the poems written in this book. This will give you a new enlightenment. This is not my claim; it is my confidence.

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