S. Subramanian

The author is a retired executive engineer from border roads engineering services. He is a member of the society of automotive engineers (India), a leading world body in mobility engineering and served for 28 years in border roads, in high altitudes, deserts, travelled, extensively in India and abroad.

Over 20 years, he had collected a lot of data and information and many real-life incidents in India and USA and reduced them in the form of useful digest. He is absolutely confident. That measures suggested in this book can be adopted by all forms of road users and they will become exemplary road users and guide others.


Drive Safe – Be Safe

Books by S. Subramanian

Here is a book, which embraces the entire population of our country irrespective of their caste religion, sex, and age. Automobiles and its developments had changed our way of life beyond our wildest dreams. It also brought us a number of serious problems like accidents, pollution, congestion etc.

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