Indie Author Championship #6

Siddharth Srivatsa

Siddharth Srivatsa, at the age of nine, is like every other boy of his age, curious and exploring. He likes to watch TV, play games and search the web but they are all secondary to his passion for reading. Whether it is about the past, present or future, his window to the world are books; books only. He reads every printed word that comes across his way whether an encyclopedia or a mere scrap of paper. He notes down the facts that impress him the most on a scribbling pad, which is his memory. He wrote his first book, Gathering Pebbles, at the age of eight. It was a gathering of events and persRead More...

Diary of Earth

Books by Siddharth Srivatsa

I had no water and was still burning hot. 

This phase of my life was also called the Archeozoic. 

Even in those conditions, the first life evolved. 

I will unravel the magic here...                                                                                   

Diary of Earth answers all the main questions about Earth and its life’s history.

·         How was the Earth fo

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