Anurita Chatterjee

Anurita Chatterjee (Biswas) is British writer, who is a management consultant by profession, poet by passion and painter in her spare time. She has always been passionate about poetry, writing from tender age,and her works have been published in various magazines.

Anurita spent her childhood in Europe, Africa and India and has travelled extensively. This rich amalgam of different cultures has contributed to her unique outlook of life.

She draws inspiration to write from her various experiences and expresses herself using lyrical verse.

She considers herself to be a rolling stone, a nomad at heart and a free spirit.


Time Gone By

Books by Anurita Chatterjee

Time Gone By offers an insight into the journey of a heart as it travels through time, meeting different emotions along the way. It talks about celebrating life in its little intricacies and learning to deal with loss; for the cycle of life brings with it many a change.

The book goes on to explore the complexities of a simple mind, which affect the way in which people perceive life and it’s experiences.

‘To know a mind,

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