Dr Dibyendu Pal

Dr. Dibyendu Pal was an eminent chemical engineer during his service life. He is also a poet and litterateur. He dedicated his retired life to the field of literature. His poems, articles and short stories in Bengali and English languages have been published in various newspapers, global anthology (Heaven) and Asian anthology. Several novels of his have also been published in both Bengali and English. His Bengali books were published by Michael Madhusudan Academy, Kolkata, and his English novels/mythological books were published globally by Notion Press, Chennai. Dr. Dibyendu Pal is honored asRead More...


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Strewn Love

Books by Dr. Dibyendu Pal

A young man and woman have to face many things initially in their life, such as the first day in school, the pleasant memory of the first day of the tour with their parents, relishing the first day of friendship, sweet memory of the first day of love. When a lover and his lady-love think about their first love, the sense-perception that originates within their inner self can’t be expressed in words. This memory of first love might have evolved even at the fa

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Where the Life Dries Out

Books by Dr Dibyendu Pal

The three primeval qualities of nature are Sattva (mode of goodness), Rajah (mode of passion) and Tamah (mode of ignorance). All these three modes of qualities, produced by material nature, confine the immortal soul to the mortal body. Now, the mode of goodness being purest than others confines in the happiness. The mode of passion confines in the material fugitive activities and the mode of ignorance enveloping the wisdom is enamour

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Last Days of Dwaraavatii

Books by Dr. Dibyendu Pal

We live in a world which is highly advanced in terms of science and technology. But there are several fascinating ancient legends, myths and mysteries, which are yet to be explained completely. Archaeologists, scientists as well as interested people travelled to investigate the pyramids of Egypt, the Bermuda Triangle, Eater Island, and several other places to find lost civilizations and other undiscovered treasures.

As I came to know about the discovery

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The curtain of Novel is opened with the anecdote of piteous end of life of lady-love at the time of youthfulness of Indra. Series of events start floating in the mind of Indra one after the other like movies. There comes love, comes passion, comes many hearts rending  anecdotes, depicts miserable & despicable life style of brothel,  story of Race course, some funny events, depicts historical & mythological anecdotes and so on  & so forth. The dr

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