Dr.Shrikant T. Deshpande

Dr. Shrikant T. Deshpande is a renowned senior paediatrician of Akola, looking after his own hospital with his gynaecologist wife Dr Pratibha. The book takes the reader to the path of eternity offering a unique experience. A must read book if you want to know what is life and the afterlife!


Books by Dr.Shrikant T. Deshpande

Religion and spirituality constitute the integral part of most of the Indian families. Upbringing the children in the family then becomes an easier job as the children are imbibed with the teachings from the family members. Nachiket, eighteen years old, got the same rearing from his parents and mainly from his grandparents. He learnt and memorized stories from Vedas and Upanishadas. Why should he write and maintain a diary? Well he followed the footsteps of his parents and grandparents. The diary consoled his parents while they faced the toughest time. It also relieved Nachiket once he could finish writing what he wanted to. Have you ever seen any child consoling his parents?

The diary offered sequential surprizes to his parents who never expected anything of that sort was going to happen to them. They wondered what must have triggered his spirituality. And why?

The mindboggling and yet thought provoking novel makes anyone contemplative about life.

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