Hrishikesh R. Bhatkhande

Hrishikesh R. Bhatkhande’s second book is the second part of the book series, Soiled Sins. The first part was published in November 2020, and it was his debut novel. Hrishikesh is an IT professional, a poet, an ardent football fan, a keen follower of Indian classical music, and now, an author. He has been writing and composing poems from an early age. Over the years, his hobby developed into an unswerving passion that kept him motivated through all good and bad times. While most of his work took the form of poetry in the early years, he always remained intrigued about his aptitude in the artRead More...


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Soiled Sins The Retribution

Books by Hrishikesh R. Bhatkhande

In the dead of the night, the dead is all their eyes can see! The difference between dead and alive has never been so small for Trupti Shivare and Sarthak Naeelkar.

They now have a clue to untangle the mysterious knot that had strung their lives together. Will they untangle it once and for all, or will that unravel more twisted knots?

They have brains, and they have hearts. Somebody wants to wreck the former, and break the latter!

Will the

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Soiled Sins The Resurgence

Books by Hrishikesh R. Bhatkhande

She is an ambitious archaeologist. He is a methodical software businessman.

Theirs are two paths that would ordinarily never cross, and yet they do, at a time when they are at the lowest points of their careers.

They welcome the newfound shoulder to cry on. But before long, they have to stop basking in their budding closeness and start looking over their shoulders.

They are intelligent and smart… and also naïve. Their camaraderie is ins

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I Have Never Been Surer!

By Hrishikesh R. Bhatkhande in Poetry | Reads: 271 | Likes: 0

The way you looked at me the very first time And the way you look at me now May be miles apart But I know each time exactly what your eyes say Because we listen through our hearts Momentary loneliness on a day when we aren’t in touch Forces me through a retrospective glimpse of the youth we liv  Read More...

Published on Feb 22,2021 11:25 AM

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