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Joyking Birje & Reena Birje

The Author’s Joyking Birje & Reena Birje are Educationalists by profession and Socialists at heart. They are the Founders of 'The National Institute of Hospitality and Aviation Management', an Institute with multiple branches in Mumbai and catering to Pan India students. They've successfully nurtured the careers of thousands of aspiring candidates in this sector all over the world. They have regularly been featured regarding their work in leading publications like The Mid-Day, Business Today, The Times of India, The Economic Times, etc. to name a few. They have also recently, on 28th July 20Read More...

Ishq Iska, Ishq Uska

Books by Joyking Birje, Reena Birje

“Love conquers all” - Roman poet Virgil

“True love conquers all” - Tanya & Aryan ;)


Join Aryan and Tanya in their epic adventure starting from teenage love to turbulent dramas (Bollywood Style). Enjoy the joyride. Laugh, smile, cry and laugh again. Relive your own moments of life, friendship and family in this true journey. 

This book is written by both protagonists separately. It’s 2 books in 1. So it’s a great insi

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Mumbai V/S Covid

Books by Joyking Birje

"No-one will be allowed to go hungry”, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said while announcing the Covid relief package. She failed. ‘Vaccinations for all on time”,  said our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.  He failed. 


This, and a hundred of such half baked commitments from the government brought this hustling city and the entire country to its knees. Endless horror stories of migrant labourers being run over by trains while asl

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