Jins Thomas

Mr. K J Thomas M.A, M.Ed is an English Language teacher. He has worked with some of the prestigious international schools of India like Good Shepherd International School, Ooty, P. P. Savani Cambridge International School, Surat, and Harvest International School, Ludhiana, among others. He conducts workshops for teenagers and teachers across India. He is married to Cinimol Joseph, a passionate teacher and researcher. Together with her he has written quite a few research papers in the field of Education. One of their research papers titled ‘School Education Vs Teacher Education: Leader or Follower has been published by 21st Century Publications with ISBN: 978-81-89463-64-9. The couple is blessed with two daughters, Bensitha (5) and Aardhra (2). Author Website: www.youarebecoming.in, Author e-mail: youarebecoming@gmail.com Read More...

You Are Becoming

Books by K J Thomas

Squeezed between expectations and the hard realities of everyday life many promising teenagers end up feeling suffocated and depressed. Parents and society, often obsessed with academic performance and accomplishments of children, do not understand what they are going through in school and out of school. This book reveals the process of becoming, finding means and ways to get the best out of school, some of the most effective, time tested and irresistible lear

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