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Sree Krishna Seelam

Avid reader.
Avid reader.

I am no expert or a superior in any field. I am a commoner with tons of curiosity and the will to give back to this planet. I spent more time than people of my age with books, staying curious, exploring the world and understanding human behaviour. I believe I was born to try new things and experience everything that life has to offer. My mission is to leave this planet a better place for the next generations. I live with a passion to teach and motivate.   I AM A REBEL!Read More...

Five Killer Habits

Books by Sree Krishna Seelam

It's about breaking rules that don’t make sense. It's about finding your passion and identifying your goals. It's about fighting for freedom from everything that restricts free will.

It’s about living a life with a purpose, filled with adventures, with limitless happiness and living for everyone who is not as strong as us.

This book will help you understand;

· How you can expand your mind by solo travelling.

· How to fall in l

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