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Sriteja Devarakonda

Marketer by profession & an author by passion.
Marketer by profession & an author by passion.

“Write until your hand pains,                     And Write until your pen drains.” Sriteja is a peace lover who is a flawless multi-tasker. He is a mechanical engineer by profession and an author by passion. Being a science enthusiast, he loves technology and Physics. He is a very big fan of Sanjay Leela Bhansali & a true admirer of frankness. His friends say “He is a gun loaded with creativity” & “A man of spontaneity.” He adheres to a low profile and small social circle. He believes in a simple life and confident smiles. He is a fashionista, bike racer and aestRead More...


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The Alien Conspiracy

Books by Krishna Sriteja. D

Krishna Sriteja’s book The Alien Conspiracy is a science fiction story. A stranger knocks at the door of Saaksh, a theoretical physicist at Karunya University.

"Your planet earth is marching towards destruction," The stranger claims, appearing out of nowhere. Who later identifies herself as Abha Eavan. Abha pays a visit from Exoearth, which is located nearly 0.084 megaparsecs (2.592 * 1018 kilometers) away from earth.


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