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Krishna Yoganarasimha, a resident of Bangalore working with a reputed healthcare firm. Along with his regular work, he also writes poetry, short stories and Novella. His recent publication is “Horror Files: Poetry” which is now available on Amazon kindle worldwide.

Life, is a funny web. It’s all about how situations play you and bring the best of your emotions enabling you to learn the hard way or the smarter way, your choice. The protagonist of the story is also a victim of unexpected situations which results in a clever shadow created to confuse and accuse the culprits who get away easily, at the same time fulfilling life’s most important mission


Lost my Love

Books by Krishna Yoganarasimha

Lost my Love is a start of a revenge saga, the killer is out there and will not stop until justice is served. Entire life, the killer has only experienced betrayal, always belittled and mostly misused. Now is the time where the killer plans and executes punishment to reprove right and the wrong. Untouchable, Unstoppable and shows no mercy.

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