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Manpreet Ola

Manpreet Ola is a published author. Her first book was titled ‘Stigmas to hindrances: India fights back.’ This is her second effort to make a contribution towards the literary world. Writing works in providing therapeutic benefits to her. She finds comforts in the midst of paper and pen. She has completed her Doctoral Thesis on Positive Psychology on Geriatric population. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Psychology, teaching M.Phil students of clinical psychology. She is also a licensed clinical psychologist with the Rehabilitation Council of India. She has wriRead More...

One with the Wings: Traveller’s Tales

Books by Manpreet Ola

Not everyone is fond of traveling. There are those who like to stay in the comforts of their houses, while there are others, who can’t travel because of various other priorities. The last category comprises of those who can’t afford it.

But travelling is an art. One can create art anywhere by using minimum raw materials and maximum use of practical applications. When we choose to travel, the destination doesn’t have to be fancy or expe

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Stigmas to Hindrances

Books by Manpreet Ola

Every morning we get up with a positive attitude, but as soon as we catch hold of the newspaper we get surrounded by negativities, horrors, stigmas such as rapes, caste discrimination, honor killings, glass ceiling biases, information about failed justice; etc., etc., all these daily hassles of our society create a ruckus within our lives, in our moods, our thoughts and hence to liberate oneself from all this, we need to look for sources within ourselves, that

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