Dr. P. K. Mukherjee is a retired professor of ophthalmology from Govt. Medical College, Raipur. He has authored ten successful post graduate books in ophthalmology. Currently, he devotes time for the conservation of forest and wildlife and urban forestation. Apart from this, he is a rationalist; a consultant and counselor in healthcare.   Most of the episodes in this book, as well as the vast knowledge of forests, flora, fauna and supernatural happenings were gathered by the author while working in what is present day Chhattisgarh or from stories narrated by his grandfather and father, whRead More...



Books by Dr. P. K. Mukherjee

Laxman Singh was born in a village at the foothills of the Himalayas when the Mughal Empire was crumbling and the British Raj was rising. He joined the army and drifted south over a span of four years. Thereafter he resigned to return home but never reached his destination.

On way he was robbed, murdered and buried in jungle. He became an apparition.

As a spirit he observed happenings around the banyan tree near the ‘Ghost Mountains’.

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