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R. B. Mage

Pune, Maharashtra

Rahul Balaji, pen name — R. B Mage, has always been passionate about story-telling. He considers himself more of a storyteller than a story-writer. His genre is fantasy and he gets his inspiration from the many myths and legends around the world. This is his first book. Rahul lives in Pune and works with an MNC. Apart from writing he enjoys traveling, reading and cooking.


An ancestral curse forces eighteen-year-old Rajput Prince Vanraj Sisodia to live the life of a Bagheera — an infamous shape-shifter that transforms into a tiger under the full moon. His life of luxury is thrown off-course and he must cope with this curse and the burdens of regular life. With no real friends to help him through this ordeal; he leads a reclusive life. His solitary existence takes a magical turn when he meets the beautiful and vivacious Lasya — a teenage witch. ...

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