Dr. Sandeep Mane

Dr.Sandeep Mane obtained Specialist training and qualifications  in the UK for 12 years.   The nomination to be “The Best Professional Of the Year” in the UK was the peak of his career in the UK.  He obtained the Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST) and immediately returned to India to offer his services to his country.  He set up The Origin International Fertility Centre in Thane, which provides advanced services in the field of endoscopic surgery and infertility.  Soon, his work got widespread recognition, and his work on surrogacy was even covered by BBC World News.  He started as a schoolboy of Thane and over the years became the Lokmat “Icon of Thane”.

In India, he has closely experienced the immense pain and suffering of couples dealing with infertility. He believes that most cases are solved early by giving quality care in a systematic and progressive manner.  In complex situations, the treatment gets prolonged, and the couples need a lot of patience and trust during this time. He has delivered numerous babies with the help of surrogacy.  This is a life-changing treatment.  


He feels very sorry for the way society reacts to the people suffering from infertility.  He wants to create social awareness about this condition.   He has established Origin Foundation to do social work relating to health, education and art.  


Surrogacy - Dreams Come True

Books by Dr. Sandeep Mane

Infertility is a growing problem and will reach mammoth proportions by 2021. Prevention would be better than cure, but this will take time. Until we are able to control the problem, we need ways to help the couples who suffer from this menace. In India, infertility is like a curse. Due to this, couples fight a personal, family and social war at every moment of their life. Numerous advances in science and technology have enabled us to help these couples to

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