Shashi Kumar

Shashi Kumar is a corporate guy working in an MNC. He calls off his corporate mask every night to wander into a world as a writer, where he feels alive and where he feels he belongs. He likes preserving memories in the form of narratives and poetries. His inspiration lies in experience and emotions from real life incidents with him or around him. He also enjoys making paintings and sketches. He belongs to Guwahati and often spends his weekends in Shillong looking for inspiration and serenity. The best way to contact Shashi is through his twitter handle @ShashiKumar_27 and facebook link facebRead More...


The Way We Were

Books by Shashi Kumar

The narrative poetry takes you on a nostalgic ride of childhood innocence with When Kids fall in Love and walks you through teenage love with Be with me, stay with me. You try to walk a little further but you can’t Escape the Silent Story and the Guilt that reminds you of your past. Chances that you failed to take and a question that always prevailed in your head - What if I had?

Every day struggles with you

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