Sheila Ram Mohan

Sheila Ram Mohan is a Master Spirit Life Coach and an NLP-K practitioner. She is a keen traveler on the spiritual path, a patient listener and a rather bad cook, who passionately believes that change starts from within and in her own words, “The world would be a lovelier place if everybody just cleaned their own doorstep.” Her clients know her as an inspirational coach who leads with humor and passion, to help her clients push their edges and fly. Her views are radical and result-oriented. With a no-nonsense demeanor and a say-it-as-she-Read More...


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I Complete Me

Books by Sheila Ram Mohan

Diamonds are forever!

But can the same be said about true love?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am all for true love, but I also believe that we spend a lifetime looking for and working upon relationships outside, neglecting the first valentine of our life – ourselves.

I Complete Me is a journey, deep within yourself, to look at all the pieces that you have lost and discover some that you never even knew that you had.


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