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Sona Singh

Sona Singh comes from a small town and is equipped with the most important asset – imagination. He has a formal degree in Biotechnology and a day job as an educator, but, like many nobodies, he clings to his ‘real  business’, that of a being dreamer and a storyteller. He believes stories help people to dream, dispel darkness and reclaim life. He takes deep interest in mythological fiction. Fantasy and fairy tales, he says, are about the daily lives of people, “just in a different language”. It’s the miracles in our ordinary lives that gets us through; little do we realize that we Read More...


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The River of Ages

Books by Shanta Sona Singh

Somewhere on Earth… Vidi, a village healer and her daughter, Saphrina, have the usual problems – a cranky maid, weird nightmares about battles that seem strangely real and, for Saphrina, a blossoming crush on a knight. 

Meanwhile, in Nagalok…Vadi, a Naga princess, is excited about her coming of age ceremony, that will bring her a Nagamani and a prophesy of love. But foul things have set in motion on Earth and in the Underworld. The River of Ages,

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