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Tara S Kumar

Ms. Tara Suresh Kumar had her schooling at the Doveton Corrie Girls High School in Chennai. She later pursued her Graduation and Post Graduation in Hyderabad. A passionate teacher at heart, she has enjoyed her three decades of teaching English across reputed schools in Hyderabad, finally retiring as a Principal. A warm hearted individual with a high level of integrity, she took up to writing this book, realizing the dire need for everyone – right from students to adults to be happy. Apart from completing an online course from UC Berkeley on The Science Read More...


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Happy Morphosis

Books by Tara S Kumar

In an age flooded with gizmos and gadgets, where technology rules the roost, with Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram getting the better of all of us, where everyone seems to have less connect with people and themselves, where people lead more stressful and anxious lives – in short,  a world fueling unhappiness, there is this growing need to pause and think – to realize the beauty of life and its true meaning, to experience happiness. 


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By Tara S Kumar in General Literary | Reads: 134 | Likes: 0

Are we on the reverse cycle ? Is there a LESSON for all of us ?? In a world comprising people of different countries - we are NOW at a stage where we have forgotten what we were fighting for or were angry about ; we are joining hands, for we all NEED each other. Everyone is TOGETHER and di  Read More...

Published on Apr 5,2020 05:26 AM


By Tara S Kumar in Poetry | Reads: 625 | Likes: 0

The Covid Effect From sadness to despair we are going through it all This tiny virus showing us how man is so small. The covid effects most of which are bitter Are all across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. No vehicle movement , no factories, no pollution The virus has clearly stopped our live  Read More...

Published on Apr 2,2020 04:06 AM

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