V.SREENIVASA MURTHY (Veesem) is a mechanical engineer by profession. He has worked for 43 years after his graduation in different engineering industries, in middle and senior level management. He is passionate about the written word and has four published books to his credit. What Next? is his fifth.  Veesem enjoys hearing from his readers and can be reached by e-mail: vattams@hotmail.comRead More...


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Dreams, Desires and Decisions

Books by Veesem

It is said, “Episodic memory contains information about the content of an experience (item), as well as its context (source).”

“Dreams, Desires, and Decisions” is a recollection of experiences and the context of significant and stimulating events of life framed together.

It is a gut feeling of the author that the readers of the book will be motivated to turn their cherished memories into amazing prints.  

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What Next?

Books by Veesem

Substance addiction and Behavioral addiction are two dangerous viruses spreading like wildfire among the present day younger generation. Jagan, a handsome, qualified youth with a decent family background falls prey to drug abuse. Whether he was “a victim of circumstances” or “a victim of impaired parenthood” or both are difficult to say.

Madhav, the father, against all odds of his life, moves heaven and earth to put Jagan back on track, with no a

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Can Love Happen Again & Again?

Books by Veesem



Handle With Care

Many events of life fade away from your memory with the passage of time. However, certain events remain fresh, like those gained during relationships. Along his journey through life, Krishna develops relationships at different stages with different women, which are a strange mixture of emotion and sex.

Can Love Happen Again & Again? is a true story involving infatuation and love

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Should the Story Have Been Untold?

Books by Veesem

Krishna, a young engineer and bachelor, comes in contact with a dysfunctional married couple Balan and Mythili in an industrial town, KGF. Balan and Krishna are employees of the same factory in different departments. As the contact deepens, Krishna gets trapped in a strange relationship involving the three of them. While his relationship with Mythili turns into love, the one with Balan turns distressing. As time marches ahead, Krishna develops a sense of guilt

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Trash To Triumph

By V.SREENIVASA MURTHY in True Story | Reads: 3,555 | Likes: 12


Published on Jun 18,2022 11:55 PM

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