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Writers Pouch is an Indian organisation that commissions various artworks of different art forms. Encompassing creators, contributors, editors, proofreaders, reviewers, photographers, and illustrators, the company aims to create unique forms of art in every genre. 


Whispering Thoughts

Books by Writers Pouch

Whispering Thoughts is an anthology of fifteen flash fictions by nine authors namely Edlyn D’souza, Harsha Modukuri, Nikhila Kotni, Prakhyat Chatla, Preety Singh, Priyanka Udatha, P. C. Ravuri, Rajiv R Nair, & R. S. Chintalapati.

The flash fictions in this anthology have been chosen based on their anticipated endings and their themes of love or loss.

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Casket of Tales

Books by Writers Pouch

Casket of Tales is an anthology of short stories by eight authors namely Harsha Modukuri, Nikhila Kotni, Priyanka Udatha, P. C. Ravuri, Rajiv R Nair, R. S. Chintalapati, Sharon Mathew, & Viswanath Perala.

The short stories in this anthology have been chosen since all of them deal with the theme of love in unique yet memorable ways.

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Eccentric Endings

Books by Writers Pouch

Eccentric Endings is an anthology of redrafted short stories built by R. S. Chintalapati in collaboration with seven creators namely Harsha Modukuri, Maneesha Pujari, Nikhila Kotni, P. C. Ravuri, Rajiv R Nair, Sharon Mathew & Vaidurya Pratap Sahi. 

These short stories dealing with the themes of choice, death, liberty, power, truth, value, & wicked have been chosen based on their conclusions. 

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Your Loving Intern

Books by Nikhila Kotni

Accepting her friends’ request, Naina chooses to write ten incidents that have affected her life the most. To begin with, she writes about traveling to a new city where she encounters her love.
​She makes a decision in haste which she later regrets. Hurt by reality while being driven by her fantasies, Naina understands the need for a change. Hope for a prosperous future makes her take a resolute decision which acts as a catalyst to achie

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Immortal Verses

Books by Writers Pouch

Immortal Verses is a collection of poems from poets on topics like ageing, ambition, beauty, belief, change, choice, corruption, downfall, death, dreams, duty, ethics, evil, fate, failure, faith, friendship, glory, gods, heroism, honour, hope, identity, ignorance & immortality. ​

Explore the verses crafted by Edlyn D’souza, Santhosh Annabattula, Rohit Damaraju, Sreeraj, and many more while relishing the essence in them.

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God’s Council

Books by  Ravi Shankar C. V.

God’s Council is the story of eleven Creators, the original forms of life created by

the Eternal Energy worshipped as God . After many galecs , these Creators created

humans, fairies and many more.

The Four Auins is the first book in the God’s Council series about the birth of the

four brothers. The story begins galecs after Vernakula created humans and when

Irunkula, the youngest of the Kulas decides to create fairies. Howeve

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