Love is like a rain fall,  When a love falls like a drops,  it rises up like a flower,  Age may be different, but love doesn't differs,  It deserves. Love a life  বেশি পড়ুন...
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देह का कोई भी कोना कोई भी हिस्सा भीतर या बाहर उजाड़ नहीं होता जब आ  বেশি পড়ুন...
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प्रेम में
  Love is often seen as a relationship   between a male and a female   However this is not the only kind of love   Love exists in different dimensions   Never s  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Dimensions of love
By Manoj in Poetry
I am too toxic for a lover, who seeks his world in my eyes. I am too selfish for a lover, to grow my own dreams in them too. So,when he said he loved me, I smiled.   বেশি পড়ুন...
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A lover who failed
By Mrinalini Karmakar in Poetry
The only hours I spend with you, I feel like everything is falling for me. where pond sparkle with lucid water, when rays of sun makes water gold. Where larvae try t  বেশি পড়ুন...
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What you seek , is seeking you!
बात थी वो किसी इतवार  कि  दिखी थी जब मुझे पहली बार थी  पहली पौड़  বেশি পড়ুন...
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गली थी मेरे यार की
By Tanvi Nishchan in Poetry
i’m down for some wet sand and no shine  cuz’ you’ve always been out of my reach to twine i bloom when its fall and fade before you know it  but sometimes, i  বেশি পড়ুন...
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surreal lives
i wanna voice emptiness  -with my lips closed// and feel the naked chapstick rest with no words for i'm a miserable wallflower  within my body; but if you say: be   বেশি পড়ুন...
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halcyon thoughts
पाऊस ती: पाऊस गार वारा भेटीचा खेळ यारा  तो : मदहोशी माळ सारा नजर  বেশি পড়ুন...
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You prayed a lot to avoid me You cried a lot bcoz of  me living without me is one of your fav day dreams! you never like me at all but I'm going to be with you fore  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Deliberately you've been sent by the deityInto my wretched and strewn lifeAs, he has known, comprehending my viewpoints would not be a piece of cake.And one might en  বেশি পড়ুন...
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By Priyanka Giri in Poetry
My mother's lap- Unclench me from trap, Concealed I lay; Deferred the world Stay. Heaven there lies, Nothing the world denies- Dreamland it is, Love for eternity exi  বেশি পড়ুন...
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My mother's lap
<!-- [if gte vml 1]> <![if !mso]> <![endif]> When I fell in love at 17 <![if !mso]> <![endif]> <![  বেশি পড়ুন...
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When I fell in love at 17
           Velan was a carpenter. He was a very angry person.  He had a wife and only one son who named as "Mani." Velan also had a father who named as "Rajan  বেশি পড়ুন...
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That day along the river side Where my heart weeped and cried  Where my beloved's memories reside  Only place where my soul relied Yours and mine love knot tied    বেশি পড়ুন...
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Remembering my love!!❤️
By Ishita Patel in Poetry