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That forehead kiss, An eternal bliss, Those red roses, Felt like poetry proses, Eyes as deep as the ocean, Spoke the words unspoken, Love flowing like a river, Givin  Read More...
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By Ritika Bawa Chopra in Poetry
I may scream, cry, and be hurt.Can't handle myself .I need somebodyWho could love me at my worst.Can't help.I'm not perfect,But i would put you at my first.I need so  Read More...
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At my worst
By devanshi batham in Poetry
Rainbow and the Rainbow cake                      I saw the Rainbow and the Rainbow cake on my plate, 7 bows with unbounded length. Red, Orange, Yellow, G  Read More...
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Seven colours of Love
By loga dharani in Poetry
To the one I never expected to stay I still remember you coming out of the car in that black jacket at somewhere around 11P.M. Something that began with an awkward   Read More...
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You are my forever
By Shaily Arora in Poetry
i wanna voice emptiness  -with my lips closed// and feel the naked chapstick rest with no words for i'm a miserable wallflower  within my body; but if you say: be   Read More...
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halcyon thoughts
She is a blessing, With a flower touching. She is a gift, Which make my face lift. She is a happiness, Which fill my life with sweetness. She is a joy, Which I love  Read More...
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My best friend for life
By Sanjana Gupta in Poetry
It would read, The boundless unsaid feelings. Briefing about those meetings that  proved none less than a healing. It would read You, me and Us, The feelings we wer  Read More...
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If LOVE wrote Me a LETTER
I will bring everything back to youThe emotions, the loveThe feelings you have hidden all alongNever look for the darkness that prevailsA glimmer is enough to set sa  Read More...
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An Evening with Roses
By Prachi Jha in Poetry
If it consoles Our restless souls If it motivates Throughout achieving goals If it heals up incurable wounds If it is melodious when it sounds If it never depends o  Read More...
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True Love
I always believed that I never had time to find love in life. I admit that it's a pretty bad way to begin a story related to love with a line as nasty as that. But   Read More...
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My Permanent Love
I looked up from my book on hearing the commotion unfolding in front of me . Not only me , but the whole cafe looked at the duo who stood in the middle of the crowd  Read More...
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The Day We Met
It was the last day of our stay in Kathmandu, and I and my wife were having lunch at a small restaurant, nearby our hotel. We were seated comfortably by one of the w  Read More...
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The Shawl
Love is a complicated dish to which you only know the name of. Yet that's the very dish everybody craves for. It's so unique and filled with so much magic. There is   Read More...
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Love- A Dish.
By Krithu in Poetry
The same flowers, the same people, the same nature will be around you. But everything seems lovely once someone’s love flourishes the love hidden in you.   'This   Read More...
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My unusual love story
हूं इस आस में उसे खोजने की हूं इस आस में उसे खोजने की हर दिन उसके   Read More...
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जान से प्यारा
By Lorain in Poetry