Writer and Magician
Writer and Magician

Anirban was born on 21st August,2003. He is a certified and professional magician and had more than 9 years of successful magical career. Few of his poems and essays have been published and awarded by International competitions. THE TEENAGER TODAY, WEAVERMAG, POETRY-NATION, INDIAN PERIODICAL etc. included his poetries in one of their issues. He is the author of controversial Bengali book "SOMAJER KATHGORA'.Read More...



Books by Anirban Bera

What do you think, nothing is important in life except money? Why you earn money? Because you want to gain your property and it’s required, right? So friend, getting true love is equally necessary to be the winner of the conclusive race of life.
Is it verily necessary to know someone's past before falling in love? What if an Escort is your beloved? The society’s answer will be ‘find a fair, uncorrupted person.’ I’ll say

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Should I call you full-moon?

By ANIRBAN BERA in Poetry | Reads: 289 | Likes: 3

Making friendship with the dense black night She makes world tipsy with her lightened genial smile, Hey, full-moon! Newish daystars head towards the love-sea Pasting your consent smile all over the body except guile.   But, should I tell you full? Do I have any rights to bestow you the title? Thoug  Read More...

Published on Feb 13,2021 05:33 PM

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