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Pranati Chavali

School Student and Writer
School Student and Writer

Born in 2005, Pranati Chavali has a penchant for close observation to detail. She started writing stories from the age of nine. Her inspiration came from the works of Enid Blyton, J.K. Rowling and Anusha Subramanian, author of Heirs of Catriona

She is a rather typical example of a daydreamer... only, she dreams about the plots in her story. Half Past Eleven is her first serious work in an attempt at writing a novel. It had started off as an excuse to dream up about how her stories would seem like in movies, and she penned the details down. Before she knew it, her book was ready.

She is constantly battling her (unnecessary) anxiety and slight atychiphobia (fear of failure). She wishes to fulfil her long list of dreams and become renowned over the world for her books.


Souls No More

Books by Pranati Chavali

Who exactly is she?

Hazel Stevens is a fifteen-year-old tomboy who seems quite bizarre and savage in the beginning. She puts on contact lenses. She wears full-sleeved clothes even in the sweltering heat and frequents appearances in high-necked clothes, and disappears every weekend. Everyone thinks she is very strange- but who knew she has stranger reasons still?

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The Eternal Gems

Books by Pranati Chavali

After returning from the non-magical dimension of the earth, the five siblings are more determined than ever to avenge their father's assassination and kingdom's ruin. The Eternal Gems are out there somewhere, and they have to restore them to their original place. Things are getting nastier by the minute, and an untrustworthy person has managed to mingle with them. Will they be able to make out of it alive?

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Half Past Eleven

Books by Pranati Chavali

Five siblings. One empire. One murderer.

Dustan is a prosperous land, full of wonders and magic. The heirs to the throne are not yet prepared to take on royal responsibilities when tragedy strikes. Left to their own devices, they have to find the root of all the terrible calamities occurring in their Empire.

Will they be able to save their homeland in time, or will they crumble under the pressure?

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My Permanent Love

By Pranati Chavali in Stories | Reads: 127 | Likes: 3

I always believed that I never had time to find love in life. I admit that it's a pretty bad way to begin a story related to love with a line as nasty as that. But give me a chance to explain, won't you? In the first academic examination of my life, I accidentally scored well in all subjects, and t  Read More...

Published on Feb 14,2021 06:07 PM

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