Is it an incident or reality, come on let's find out. I remembered that day from the last october, my exams were going on at this time and it was 3rd november I was   Read More...
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Is I am more then a friend?
Difficult to decide an accurate mark of love Easy to reside on the park of love Healthy from top to toes, LOVE a healthy dose.  Makes you visible in eyes closed Whe  Read More...
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A Healthy Dose
Perfect Match   When I first laid my eyes on you I know you’re the one for me I can’t stop laughing when you told me jokes and cheer up my day. I can already p  Read More...
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Perfect Match
By Athirah in Poetry
Let's take a walk  By the country side Let's not keep the count Of the steps  Far away  from the human interaction And more  Towards the language of silence   L  Read More...
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Let's be bare in love
By Suparna Palit in Poetry
Rummaging frantically through his brain for lost memories, as if looking through his old coat pocket for a letter he was sure he had kept, for the love of his life.   Read More...
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Love Story
By Pooja in Stories
Why not Loveliness be loved forever?  Waited eagerly to bloom Feels like it has made a lovely room  This is what I call passion, a genuine devotion Incomplete with  Read More...
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Passion to Fruition
The day I thought to wear my soul Over my beloved's who became my goal Tried to keep her under my gaze Hoped to court her under some phase My wait is over, shall I n  Read More...
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Reality behind veiled face
When you smile, it resembles my existence. There is something within you and me, The so-called love. I want to be with you When you need a shoulder to cry. I want t  Read More...
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By crown in Poetry
He took away the last shred of hope I held on, He took away the way I breathed in his presence, He took away the beliefs I created, He took away the hopes of a bette  Read More...
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“Do you love me?”, he asked, genuflecting in front of her, with a diamond cluster arch ring in a box. December brought with it heavy rains and cold winds; sleet   Read More...
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The Uninterrupted Proposal
Today that we're making memories, Tomorrow you'd be a part of it, I'd tell my grandchildren about you, And you'd sing songs about it. Will you miss me? I wouldn't kn  Read More...
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Dear first love
By Ashapurna Das in Poetry
just like you have been my light in these heavy dark times i shall too be your sunshine through all hard climbs.                       ~ bani k  Read More...
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through all hard climbs
By Bani K in Poetry
He saw her. He kept seeing her. He thought of looking elsewhere. He dreaded unwanted attention. Still he was looking at her. He scolded himself and tried to turn  Read More...
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He Saw Her
By Devanshu Panwar in Poetry
It was a party at Rewa's, Both of us a little out of place. Me by the bar, And you fidgeting by the flower vase.   I was about to leave, When a slow song came by. I  Read More...
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My First Dance
By Santapan Saha in Poetry
To describe u, a challenge diffcult to accept. Just a try, to confess ... Hairs-a black silk that sings, with touch of copper in it. Eyes like almonds, with diamonds  Read More...
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