Arun Kumar Tripathi

Arun Kumar Tripathi spends his time in religious activities and social concerns after retiring from the post of deputy commissioner in the business tax department in the Uttar Pradesh Government. His first book is Ramcharitmanas Kwaichit Aurthi. His articles on the themes of Ramcharitmanas and Srimad Bhagwat Geeta are published from time to time in various magazines. And Akashwani continues to express his views on various religious occasions in Lucknow. He was educated in Hamirpur district of Bundelkhand and completed his higher education from BSC, LLB, Kanpur University.Read More...


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रण विजय अभियान

Books by अरुण कुमार त्रिपाठी

प्रस्तुत पुस्तक में मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम श्री राम द्वारा दुर्दांत दैत्य दैत्य रावण पर विजय प्राप्त करने की गाथा का समीक्षात्मक वर्णन दर्शाया गया है हम अन्य सभी भगवान को चाहे वह

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Ram Charit Manas Kvachit Anya

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This book clearly indicates that Goswami Tulsidas ji has blessed the people by creating Ramcharit Manas. Through it, we can learn the art of living a successful life and of making ourselves beautiful and successful. The knowledge in this book was useful yesterday, it is useful today and will be useful tomorrow too. Because of this usefulness, some interesting incidents of Ramcharit Manas have been kept in the form of this book.

This book mentions success

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बिरही सूरज

By Arun Kumar Tripathi in Poetry | Reads: 220 | Likes: 0

जंहा न जाय रवि सूरज विरह की आग में जलकर के आग का गोला हो गया ।सूर्य की दो दौ प्रेमिका हैं उषा और संध्या । बेचारे की कभ  Read More...

Published on Feb 14,2021 03:27 PM

तरु छाया

By Arun Kumar Tripathi in Poetry | Reads: 524 | Likes: 0

                           मेरा परिचय जग भर के दुःख को शीश धरे                               &nb  Read More...

Published on Apr 10,2020 12:12 PM

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