#National Writing Competition


My midnight sun

By Shraddha in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0

you talk to me through your silences in ways no one has ever done for a moment I revel, thinking, that you're my midnight sun not that it matters to you how much I think of  talking to you it's alright, I guess, 'coz I may never share  what emotions I go through you rattle those closed  doors   Read More...

Published on Feb 20,2021 02:15 AM

The idea of you

By Shraddha in Poetry | Reads: 59 | Likes: 0

every morning sunshine  brings a small piece of you to my mind and I dip it  into my regular coffee  to drink away my longing for you those twilight hues remind me of  your eyes, which peeked into my soul once and saw how my pain  swallowed me in silence Every night I stare at the  dancing   Read More...

Published on Feb 20,2021 02:14 AM

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