सचियाँ  मोहब्बत..। कुछ अनकही बातें आज फिरसे अनकही रहे गई फिर  Read More...
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सचियाँ मोहब्बत।
Eventually, winter came  The warm embrace once  I felt is no more, There is no one to embrace me, Just the cold rain. Which I let to embrace me, And let to w  Read More...
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Rain reminds you
By Revathi Jayasankar in Poetry
ROSE DAY SPECIAL -  Roses with thorns are valued a lot, But Me with genuine heart isn't valued that par!   Does this hints me towards carrying my thorns? If yes,   Read More...
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Collection for your Valentines!
By Neha Lad in Poetry
Here, I lay under the sheets Mumbling, groaning Can somebody hear me? May be not!  may be my longings are exhausted,  too exhausted to be kissed With the warmth an  Read More...
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Under the Sheets
Am I? Am I in love?I see stars in you eyes with your every happy smile,I see your lips glistening as they stretch upwards,I see your hairs cascading over your face l  Read More...
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Love Verse.
By Mimansha in Poetry
I painted you with that gesture today,  I think you remember the day when you pulled me closer, the day when we were in the classroom behind the door, we were all a  Read More...
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A Love's Souvenir
'No strings attached' is what they like, 'Blind dates' and 'no commitments' aces the race. Pardon me if I missed the best. For according to me, the ones who follow -  Read More...
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Paving way for self love!
By Oindrila Ghosh in Poetry
knock knock!! Open the door.....My half Not able to find You Where You are??? Don't feel shy and frightened  Think that, There's always a hope at the last  Don't   Read More...
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Missing half of Me
You are alive , today and ever , alike the sun that always shines ,  amidst winters or callous nights ,  you are the light that helps me ignite ...................  Read More...
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You'll live, forever!
By Anchita in Poetry
Versions .. Sometimes I ponder over the moments. We tend to miss out on the smaller moments that should have been cherished. What could be the reason, can I call it   Read More...
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Self - Gratitude
By Manasa Suresh in Poetry
I met you in a December morning... Dew drops were there in and out of my eyes... Darkness of uncertainity sowed the seeds of tears in our eyes.. Sun wiped the tears   Read More...
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My love is till my last breath
By Chaithannya R in Poetry
Dear love Just looking at you Fills me with complete happiness Few words from you Are enough to devour my sadness Just your presence around me Makes me glow Your han  Read More...
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Dear love
Yes, it's his eyes, His hazel brown eyes, No, now they are mine also. Why? Because we see everything together with those hazel eyes, People are jealous of those haz  Read More...
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Mine Hazel Eyes
By Sima Rathod in Poetry
Love is not a certain picture that can be painted on canvas, Love cannot be calculated, compared and restricted Pushing each other ahead is love, Growing together is  Read More...
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Dedicated to your beloved family and family members whom you love/loved...maybe they are gone(to a higher dimension), but they are always with you. Parivar Parivar P  Read More...
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Parivar Parivar Parivar!!!