Parvez Rohan


Ministers of Love

By Parvez Rohan in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 4

All my lucid dreams, all my passions, all my imaginations,Whatever stirs this human of my name,All are but ministers of Love,And feed this eternal sacred flame.Often in my lucid dreams do I,Live and laugh all over again in  that happy hour,When midway into reality I lay as white as a dove,Beside th  Read More...

Published on Feb 22,2021 08:21 PM


By Parvez Rohan in Poetry | Reads: 242 | Likes: 10

The echo that hid itself in the heart of desires,Would trouble them often, following them through the years,The regrets would hit them and call them liars,When they have paid their debts in tears.They still stood their ground in extreme happenstance,Shredding their hope into emptiness and decorated   Read More...

Published on Feb 22,2021 06:43 PM

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