I don't love you because you don't just see my eyes,my cheeks,my hair,my neck but the person inside when you look at me,           I don't love   Read More...
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Dear Hubby
By Barnali Basu in Poetry
Love teaches how to share and care Love is very powerful in nature  My love is unique like sapphire; I don't love for , for my love is unique, When I reach you plea  Read More...
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Feb poetry
I was a heavy cloud in the vast sky.You were a cold breeze condensing me, which passed by.. I was dropping down, pouring like the first rain.You were the earth below  Read More...
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Who's on the other side?
By Vineela in Poetry
The day you stepped in my life that unforgettable Diwali eve Slowly the heart going on bliss Deadly filled with grieve Your presence is like fragrance From garden f  Read More...
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That Diwali Eve
I was lost in the darkest Alley. I called for help but  No one could lend their Heart to hear my cry, my call. I cried and slept and woke with A gentle touch of wa  Read More...
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My True Friend
Kuch yun khud ka hi khasara kr liya, Mohabbat mei khud ko bechara kr liya.. Tune jo kha ki mei saharha hu tera, Tabse khud ko besahrha kr liya.. Iss duniya ki bheed   Read More...
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By kaushambi Singh in Poetry
I have a friend who shares I have a friend who cares I have a friend who’s unique I have a friend whose mystique I have a friend who is bright I have a friend like  Read More...
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My Friend
Life, isn’t it beautiful? It teaches us many lessons To laugh and to cry To love and to hate It shows some days can be bad But it also shows some day can be best F  Read More...
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Life and death
By Amrutha Krishnadas in Poetry
The first place you exchange words, Can't help but feel awkward. The first place you see her smile, Is somewhere away in miles. The first place you feel loved, Sudde  Read More...
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That Place
By Siddhesh Shimpukade in Poetry
वक्त की नज़ाकत तो देखो,  ना रोकने का हक है ना दूर जाने की हिम्मत।   Read More...
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By Shaily Raj Kumari in Poetry
My heart beats so hard yet fails to pulsate. I’m wedged so bad in this sand. This ground feels so hefty. My feet refuse to move. All I could feel is like The waves  Read More...
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By Niyati Shah in Poetry
Is it a blessing, my love? To come together and sit To feel and not to think Because I am tired Of the outside What is it that we’re feeling now And why do I have   Read More...
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Color pink
Rains were yet to come, summers were setting to dusk. Feets jumped stairs and missed some, there hanged a violet handkerchief with seven clips colored yellow musk. W  Read More...
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A violet handkerchief
By Shruti in Poetry
Come give me all your pain  Let me be your shelter in rain  Come be with me, be in my life  Let me hold you, ever so tight Come put your lips in mine  Let me ki  Read More...
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Come To Me...
You and I are meant to be together, Souls stuck to each other.  In the middle of this judgemental society, We run looking for our privacy. At the end,  All we fo  Read More...
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By deekshiii in Poetry