Harshit Chawla

Writer, Poet & Lyricist
Writer, Poet & Lyricist

Harshit,17(he/him) is a writer, lyricist and poet. He loves to write poems, articles and he actively participates in debates regarding all social, political and economic issues.He believes that the art of writing is a blessing and that words have the capability of both inflicting an injury and remedying it. He has a different form of poetry and most of his poems are written in that very style.With an eager and cheerful spirit, he is working to touch the lives of people to make his own life worth.Read More...

Love Bears Regret

By Harshit Chawla in Poetry | Reads: 78 | Likes: 1

Love Bears Regret By Harshit Chawla ~ theguywhoscribbles I loved you; I thought so did you, and that is what I regret. You smacked up my feelings and wiped them out just like you wipe out smoke from a cigarette . It’s just took a couple of words to make it crystal clear, That what I was holding up  Read More...

Published on Feb 18,2021 07:36 PM

The Last Time

By Harshit Chawla in Poetry | Reads: 124 | Likes: 1

The Last Time By   Harshit Chawla ~ theguywhoscribbles Last time I looked into her eyes, her beauty reflected back at me. My feeling said aloud, go tell her it’s she. I refused because I knew, me and she can never be we. I felt my heart shattering to pieces as I broke down on my knees. With a b  Read More...

Published on Feb 18,2021 07:33 PM

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