By Dips in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 258 | Likes: 0
It was a busy bustling day at the market, my eyes were not window shopping but looking for my dear husband.. It started to drizzle a little and I started to get a little anxious as I couldn't find the person I was looking for . As people started deserting the streets and taking shelter because by t  Read More...
Published on Jun 2,2020 07:12 AM
Seven Steps apart
By Akshita in General Literary | Reads: 257 | Likes: 0
"Are you mad?" someone shouted, while a hand grabbed me by my waist as I was climbing onto the railing of the bridge.  "Yes," I shouted back "Now get away from me" as I pushed away his weight which was pinning me down.  "Think about your family, your friends, and everyone around you." Hi  Read More...
Published on May 17,2020 10:33 PM
Breakup and mystery
By Shalein Sharma in Romance | Reads: 257 | Likes: 0
I still cannot believe it ended. It feels like yesterday that we saw each other for the first time. "Come with me, I'll show you to your class. 8th B!" The principal said. As we walked towards the class, I saw you from a distance. You looked down as you stood outside the 8th B class. "Arvind dear, I  Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 02:09 AM
The Lift
By Arinjay Ghosh in Romance | Reads: 256 | Likes: 0
    Anubhav was just about to get in his car, when he heard a girl calling him. In the midst of the torrential rain and not much light source nearby, he was puzzled at first. After hearing the voice for the third time, he looked around, searching for its source. And within moments, he coul  Read More...
Published on Apr 26,2020 10:23 AM
Folklore Elements in Perumal Murugan's Poonachi
By V. NITHIYA PARAMESWARI in General Literary | Reads: 252 | Likes: 0
      Perumal Murugan is a remarkable and fabulous writer in the Postmillennial era. His literay works won acclaims across the world. His novels reveals blazing an issue which deals with have an unquestionable Universality. This article presents the lives of Odakkam Hill. Their cultur  Read More...
Published on May 17,2020 11:06 PM
The Brave You
By Alisha Nandeshwar in Poetry | Reads: 252 | Likes: 0
 Love began when the world began, The pain began with you, Everyone has their own story, But you will read only a few.   It's not easy to speak of things, Not easy to open your heart, It gets only worse, When things start falling apart.    But there comes a time, When you have to  Read More...
Published on May 16,2020 03:56 PM
Story of just another day at our house.
By Aditi in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 251 | Likes: 0
Story of just another day at our house. It's around 8pm and I am busy cooking in the kitchen.Aarav is playing outside in the living room(speakers on, toys scattered).The bell rings... the husband enters.. After the initial father son hugs and kisses we all decide to eat. Being the feminist that I am  Read More...
Published on Apr 16,2020 04:43 PM
An Open Letter to Indian Society
By Bushra in General Literary | Reads: 251 | Likes: 0
When you read this, you will say, “Girls with a long tongue are the reason why rape happens. They deserve it.” It’ll just add to your explanations of why rape is okay. But I’m done. I’ve heard enough from you. You ask, “Why the boy is held responsible?” Wel  Read More...
Published on Apr 11,2020 07:00 PM
A letter to Moon
By The Poet in Poetry | Reads: 251 | Likes: 0
Dear moon, Don’t you know that the sun loves you? He always hides your darkness with his light. People hating the heat always falls in love with you. His tears being burnt away and unnoticed. He still gives life to this earth. The loner waited, Only to find that, Even your heart is as cold as   Read More...
Published on Apr 11,2020 07:06 PM
Half Broken Bottle
By Sreeju B in Thriller | Reads: 250 | Likes: 0
“Does the accused have anything to say?” the emollient voice of the judge reflected over the polished walls of the court hall to the rushing corridor space outside.  A mild, bowed head nodding confirmed the denouement of the non-pragmatic verdict from the eminent dais. It was either  Read More...
Published on Apr 12,2020 06:44 PM
By Rohit Narain in True Story | Reads: 250 | Likes: 0
Dr Pradeep arrived at eight in the morning and asked if I really wanted to go. I nodded. The reports weren’t satisfactory, he said. I offered to return after the exam, to which he smiled and then left. My discharge was prepared – the nurse came and removed the central line, gave stitches  Read More...
Published on Apr 17,2020 11:34 PM
The tomorrow that never came
By Waving Flag in True Story | Reads: 249 | Likes: 0
Heart cried out to express the feelings. But the brain stood bold as usual, forcing the soul to lock down emotions and forcing the body to wear a mask. Was tired being someone else in front of her. Always said to self that you're gonna tell her tomorrow.  Little did he know about the devil in h  Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 07:18 PM
My Diary of 1971 - Living thru War-Sunday is Special!
By Ratna Pande in True Story | Reads: 249 | Likes: 0
Day 4: Sunday morning is always special. We usually have a South Indian meal for lunch and chicken curry for dinner and I like both. The ladies in the colony learnt to make authentic South Indian dishes, courtesy Mrs Uma Ramaswamy. Uma aunty is the loving mom of my friend and our neighbour who has p  Read More...
Published on Apr 12,2020 11:14 AM
Fire in the sky
By Andrew Rajkumar in Mystery | Reads: 248 | Likes: 0
Once there lived a king named Uzur (meaning "life" in Tamil). He ruled a small region in southern region of ancient Tamil Nadu. Once Uzur went into his city, in disguise in order to find out whether his subjects face any problems under his rule. He talked to every civilian he met and gathered detail  Read More...
Published on Apr 19,2020 12:55 AM
By Shreyosi in Romance | Reads: 246 | Likes: 0
  Indolent afternoons, I snuggle up on my favorite bean bag at the Crossword. Smelling my newly bought novel, I fondly go through the excerpt, when suddenly a purple ford on the road catches my attention. And I look outside the window, longer than usual, almost in anticipati  Read More...
Published on Apr 10,2020 09:19 PM