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R Chandrasekar

Author, Speaker, Mentor
Author, Speaker, Mentor

கொல கொலயா முந்திரிக்கா

Books by ராஜாராம் சந்திரா

எளிமையான குட்டிக் கவிதைகள் தாங்கி வரும் இப்புத்தகம். நான் என்னை ஒரு பெருங்கவி என்று பறை சாற்றிக்கொள்ள வரவில்லை. மாறாக, என் கவிபாடும் உள்ளம் சிந்திய சில திவலைகளை உங்கள் முன

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Riverside Caterpillar

Books by Rajaram Chandrasekar

This book with its hundred odd poems has evolved with no conscious effort made to meet regular poetic norms. Most of them are free form verses. Some of them may look like plain quotes. However, all of them reflect genuinely what the heart sang. They are simple and spontaneous, and are thoroughly enjoyable. The reader is sure to be motivated to start his/her own journey as an inspired poet.

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Conversations with WS

Books by Rajaram Chandrasekar

"And finally, a decision will be made, mostly on the New Year eve, or his birthday, or some such solemn occasion. At the end of that ‘memorable’ day, he lights up a cigarette, and tells (softly to himself) that this will be my last drag. And he tries to enjoy the last puffs to the maximum, because there will be no more of this pleasure in his life!" - This scene gets repeated many times over. And for a majority of smokers, this is a never ending joke. And ult

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My Funky Town

Books by Rajaram Chandrasekar

This book is an interesting collection of blogs by the author. Blogs of mixed genres - short stories, biographical episodes, current affairs - some humorous, some serious, but mostly light-hearted and keeping the reader grooved to the subject. Beauty of this book is that you can start reading from any page. Each chapter is just about a three minute read, written in a free flowing language. Enjoyable coffee-table or even a bed-time entertainer.

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Maxwell and Ummachi

By R Chandrasekar in True Story | Reads: 384 | Likes: 1

Maxwell and Ummachi “Thatha, you are a pencil,” so saying she shrieked gleefully and did a somersault on the sofa. “Pattu, you shouldn’t say such things to big people,” my daughter chided her. Sreya just stared at her mother and rolled her eyes with her face turned upwa  Read More...

Published on Apr 28,2020 08:15 PM

Elegy to a Street Venus

By R Chandrasekar in Poetry | Reads: 238 | Likes: 1

Elegy To A Street Venus                                              & 

Published on Apr 6,2020 09:01 AM

Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, Life Goes On

By R Chandrasekar in General Literary | Reads: 165 | Likes: 0

This lock-down doesn’t make much difference for septuagenarians like us. The major inconvenience we face may be the closed parks and trails where we used to enjoy our morning walks. Some of us, living in independent houses, are lucky to have an open terrace or a sizeable backyard for our walks  Read More...

Published on Apr 4,2020 11:22 AM

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