By ANUMEHA SAHA in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 194 | लाइक: 4
Looking back and forth Hearing this and that Thinking now and then Running all along Loving on and off Traveled far and wide Time passed ... More or less, I lived...till now.  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 4,2020 10:48 AM
Ocean of Flying Dreams
By Kaushik Vidyadhar Shrotri in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 243 | लाइक: 4
This is the time. To dream up and rise above the high. Beat your fears and glorify. These dreams might look once futile. Keep flying…Keep flying…Keep flying. This is the age. To jump into the ocean of flying dreams. Chase for the dreams until it is achieved. Some of the dreams might l  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 24,2020 12:11 AM
Fetus ( poem)
By Anusha reddy in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 160 | लाइक: 4
A  Mother's  joy  begins                                       when New life is stirring                          &  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Jul 12,2020 03:20 PM
Journey of 100 days
By Nirmala in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 234 | लाइक: 4
I still Remember,,,,  You held hands with nervous inside,  Comforting with words Which brought a smile in my eyes,  You touched me like the wind and walked away,  I don't know where I stand with you,  I don't know what I mean to you.  Knowing your not mine forever,   आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Jun 12,2020 06:53 PM
A Conversation Starter
By Gautam Aggarwal in Humour & Comedy | वाचलं गेलेलं: 328 | लाइक: 4
‘Hey! Millet. Wait for me’, shouted Dan, briskly trying to walk and catch up with Millet. ‘Hello Dan,’ replied Millet, as he stopped in his steps and watched Dan swiftly make his way to him. ‘Look at us walking towards the same workplace everyday. We should do it  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Jun 22,2020 07:11 PM
By vicky sihmar in Romance | वाचलं गेलेलं: 334 | लाइक: 4
10june ko me Or friend vijay black Panther (bar)  sriganganagar se aa rhe the kuch dur chle hi the ki baarish aana suru ho gyi toh hmne apni bike patrol pump pe roki Or barish bnd hone ka itzar krne lge Or pas me hi ak scooty aake ruki Or  jis pr do ldkiya aai or wo bhi barish bnd hone ka   आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Aug 1,2020 02:34 PM
A Message from Mother Nature
By Priyanka Haldar in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 168 | लाइक: 4
   A Message from Mother Nature! Today may not be your moment but, trust me tomorrow is  going to be all yours. The sun, the moon, the sky, the wind, the running rivers, and  the whole universe, and no one can take that away from you,  not even the eternal soul. A little ex  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख May 5,2020 06:15 PM
Interview with an Inventor
By Malini subrahmaniam in General Literary | वाचलं गेलेलं: 338 | लाइक: 4
The Pandemic – Fears, Myth and solution - By Malini Subrahmaniam Dr. N. Balakrishnan is the Chairman of IIHCC (www.ihhp.net ), an NGO, established for imparting Free healthcare services. Umpteen people, are benefitted from this NGO. Dr. N. Balakrishnan is an adept Homeopath, Scientist, Presid  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 20,2020 10:44 AM
By Suchee in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 324 | लाइक: 4
Sapne.  Khudko jakad ke rakti iss soch me ki kahi kuch galat na kar jau, warna log kya kahenge... Par kya yeh jang haar jau, ya lad jau?  Apne toh paraye hue uss samay, jab waha keh pade ab toh waqt agaya iske haato me chaaku-chura aur lighter thamay!  Ab toh sapne hi hai jo lagne lag  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 25,2020 11:32 AM
Symphony of love
By Swathi Kamath in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 452 | लाइक: 4
He wove a tapestry of melodies On the black and white keys Every chord, every note Carefully crafted, an antidote The essence healed my jagged scars Breaking free from the shackled bars Through my hollow core the rhythm soared Rhapsodies of stories untold Aligning with my wavering heartbeat The sona  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 30,2020 09:52 PM
In Solitude, You Rise.
By Ankita Saha in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 1,752 | लाइक: 4
It is not in the crowd and the chaos And never amid the endless talks, It is neither with the one you fought, Nor somebody who would guide, you thought. It is not scribbled on a paper, The Sunday column doesn’t know it either, It resides not in the temple or the oratory, And doesn’t come  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 26,2020 09:37 AM
The Last Coffee
By Mira in Romance | वाचलं गेलेलं: 385 | लाइक: 4
She sat in peaceful oblivion. While the world around her moved in a pace designed for forerunners, she remained. She watched and absorbed the sights and sounds. She was aware of how brutally odd she was among the myriad souls that enveloped her, but she remained.  She was bold, no doubt. She wa  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख May 3,2020 11:04 AM
An Unlikely Bond: United by Foe
By shabia in Humour & Comedy | वाचलं गेलेलं: 2,296 | लाइक: 4
Knock Knock!  This was the second time and this time it was louder. Now, I was thinking of all the chilling things that could get me killed. It has been four months since I shifted to my new place. With over two years of copyediting, I had now decided to take the next step - writing - which ha  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 30,2020 11:34 PM
Refugee heart
By Thulasi Jayaprakash in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 116 | लाइक: 4
You,With hazel eyes,That sparkled Like a drop of dew In the summer haze.You,With shabby hair,Which I believedTo be profound wrathOf your dusted thoughts.You,With a deadly smile,That lingered in my heartLike the smell of earthOn a rainy day.You,With a heavenly grace,That shivered my sp  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 8,2020 01:20 PM
The Reminiscent Run
By Pramit Lahiri in General Literary | वाचलं गेलेलं: 174 | लाइक: 4
As the raindrops trickled down the windowpane, Parimal stared outside the moving train. Just as a mother soothes her crying child, Parimal also felt that same swaying motion. Although he knew why it happened, after all, he was a certified civil engineer. The cool weather reminded him of his village   आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख May 31,2020 06:48 PM