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Eisha Sethi

Writing Contemporary Romance Fiction
Writing Contemporary Romance Fiction

She is born in a state that is known to be extremely popular among tourists, Jammu & Kashmir. Her creative mind was discovered when her mother noticed her four-year-old daughter running excitedly in her direction with a piece of paper in her hand as if to show something valuable. That paper brought a big smile to her mother’s face. It had her first drawing, a slightly deformed sketch of an animal. Ever since she was immensely encouraged and supported by her parents to augment her creative skills. She has always been passionate about indulging herself in creative activities like pencil sketchRead More...

Unexpected Day after that night

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Thirteen-year-old Kate is nowhere to be found in school until her best friend finds her in a secluded corner, sitting alone and crying. After being brutally molested, Kate is anxious to let love in her life thereafter. She shuns romance and intimacy as a result. She is scared for her life every time she steps out. Enter Ross, a young, charming guy, who is persistent to take down the high protective walls around her. But he has his own demons chasing him, unkno

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The Turbulent composure

By Eisha Sethi in Romance | Reads: 2,535 | Likes: 4

A pound on the door broke Sophia’s thoughts. Her head turned towards the closed wooden door. Tears were floating down her cheeks as though she had allowed them to break through the rigid boundaries and flood mercilessly. "Coming, allow me a second", she managed to push the words out of her con  Read More...

Published on Mar 25,2020 03:28 PM

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