Explanation of my Nature...
By yashika in Poetry | Reads: 140 | Likes: 5
Everybody says that I m a small child But they don't know just my Nature is mild My Nature is the thing which I need to explain Because I m the one about whom everybody complain I am not just good face to face I just need some space  But everytime I heard these things that's my fate I feel bad   Read More...
Published on Jun 6,2020 04:00 PM
Sugar In Coffee
By Noyonika Goswami in Poetry | Reads: 355 | Likes: 5
I may come as bitter, Maybe a little murky as well. I maybe a little too short-tempered,  Where every inch of your skin screams as soon as it touches my shell I reside in— It's called a glass perphaps. Even though I may appear dark at first, Maybe a little too selfish at times— Wher  Read More...
Published on Apr 22,2020 05:15 AM
By kanthi sree chitturi in General Literary | Reads: 249 | Likes: 5
                  *A WOMAN*  Kindness in her sunset eyes!!  Silence on her cherry lips!!  Spiritual soul wrapped  by tradition!!  Elegance attracted by lavender flower!!  Sungod resting on her  turmeric forehead!!    Read More...
Published on Apr 12,2020 01:15 AM
Heart break poetry
By Pankaj Dey(Sikander Singh) in Poetry | Reads: 1,111 | Likes: 5
1) Kiyaa karu us dil kaa jo dharakte dharakte kabhi kabaar rukh jaataa hain,aisaas nahi bachi us dharkan me jo hameshaa tere liye hotaa hain,nafrat ki toofaan hain dil me jisme harpal  tu hi tu rehti hain,tere pyaar me dubaa itnaa ki apni zindagi se shikaayat hone lagi hain 2) Humne uthaayaa u  Read More...
Published on Apr 2,2020 12:49 PM
3am Call
By N.Sowbarnika in Horror | Reads: 336 | Likes: 5
                                3am Call "screech..." the  unlubricated brakes of the taxi wailed as it came to halt. A pair of pointed heeled boots alighted from it. The eyes rolled up from within the aquamarine ho  Read More...
Published on Apr 13,2020 09:50 PM
The Red Assassination (Part-1)
By Abhinav Srivastava in Mystery | Reads: 290 | Likes: 5
"What is this, Ayush? Your shoes are again red, as usual! I have told you so many times, don't go that much far. Study there and come home. Is it necessary to play in that playground?""No, it surely isn't... But that playground is unique. The babbling sound of the conversations and cooing of doves a  Read More...
Published on Jun 11,2020 04:44 PM
The Red Assassination (Part-2)
By Abhinav Srivastava in Mystery | Reads: 251 | Likes: 5
Ayush had now decided what to do but he had no idea what he was doing. He had to save his teacher anyhow. And in some ways, he owed him too.  Well, The Inspector was stunned. He thought for some time but he did not want another case for him to be filed under the name of corruption. He put on hi  Read More...
Published on Jun 11,2020 04:56 PM
A Lifetime Will Always Be Too Little
By Akash Praharaj in True Story | Reads: 415 | Likes: 5
“We Had Never Promised A Lifetime, And Again A Lifetime Will Always Be Too Little. Time Flies, So Are Dreams” After three unsuccessful years and so much down to depression, I had almost lost the hope of living a beautiful life. Honestly, I had decided to move on, leaving everything behin  Read More...
Published on May 20,2020 01:28 AM
Happy feet
By Pooja Kirpekar in General Literary | Reads: 323 | Likes: 5
They said: Black and shiny; polished and fitting. I said: Oh wait, Are you talking about the shoes I put on today or your notion of me? Just another day in all our lives but then again,such an overwhelming amount of adulation for one day! All I knew when I stumbled away from the doorway today was th  Read More...
Published on Jun 6,2020 06:28 PM
The Reunion
By Sridevi Nair in Romance | Reads: 346 | Likes: 5
She looked at herself in the mirror and gave a coy smile. She was wearing a blue top and a pink floor length skirt ."Not bad" ,she told herself. 'Blue' was her favourite color and today was a special day.  Jhanvi had come to Mumbai a couple of days back. She was here to visit her sister in law   Read More...
Published on Jun 11,2020 06:35 PM
Have patriarchy caused the world to be half-developed?
By Srp Adhavan in General Literary | Reads: 380 | Likes: 5
Have patriarchy caused the world to be half-developed to what it could potentially have been? I have always thought, how would have been the world now! if there had been lesser dissimilarities of treatment among genders, Not the natural differences but what were man made and some which evolved slow  Read More...
Published on Mar 27,2020 12:17 PM
Born Again
By Sudhir Rao in Thriller | Reads: 438 | Likes: 5
He came awake with a start! Something was wrong. Then it struck him. The Volkswagen Matador van was stopped with its engine off. He glanced around and saw his mother. The other aunties and she were peering out and listening intently. The men stood outside close together speaking in low tones with th  Read More...
Published on Apr 3,2020 10:42 PM
By Shivam Luthra in Poetry | Reads: 133 | Likes: 5
कभी किसी को इतना ना तोड़ो, की वो जीना भूल जाए;  उसको ऐसे न झिंझोरो,   की मर भी न पाये।   सााँसे तो आज भी चलती है उसक  Read More...
Published on Apr 16,2020 01:03 AM
My Little Black Book_001
By Gabriela Caster in True Story | Reads: 202 | Likes: 5
They debated on the height, the weight, the age. Day after day, night after night. I wasn't sure if they were referring to me or the goats outside. #marriage  Read More...
Published on Apr 2,2020 03:06 PM
My ride to Thane
By Amogh Dhavalikar in True Story | Reads: 312 | Likes: 5
You all must know Thane city near Mumbai. Well, I live in Thane. Not exactly in Thane, much deeper inside, in Parsik Nagar (Kalwa). I used to ride my cycle to many places in Kalwa, but never went much further (at least not on my own). But within a few days I grew bored of riding on the same roads.   Read More...
Published on Aug 24,2020 01:09 PM